Double Under Dread And Frustration – Time To Step It UP

Double Under Dread and Frustration – Time to Step It UP!


Why am I not getting double unders?  A question that inspires much frustration in the minds of many crossfitters. If you look on the web you will find many how to videos on the subject of double unders, all listing the same points of performance. This is great, but all of the advice in the world will not improve your double unders if you don’t practice them.

Alot of coaches will sub double unders for singles which only makes sense in the short term. Yes you need singles in order to do doubles but it’s like saying that if you walk enough you will eventually become good at sprinting or that practicing the ”Two Step” is how you get good at the “Tango”. It won’t.  In fact a recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning demonstrates how the jump for the double under requires a much more forceful contraction in the leg muscles. Elements like wrist speed and jump height must be trained.  The way to double unders is practice, lots of it. When it’s time for the WOD, don’t sub the double unders for 3x singles. Singles don’t train your muscles the same way the double under does. Take your lashes and make your double under attempts count as reps, even if it’s a failed attempt.

Check out this video and sound off in the comments section below! Let us know what you think about double unders.

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